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About RfStream
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About RfStream

Company Factsheet

Company Overview

RfStream is a fab-less semiconductor company jointly established in 2004 by several leading Japanese electronics, media, and investment companies. Starting with the development of a series of semiconductor-based next generation television tuners, the company's goal is to become a leading supplier of wireless communication devices in the coming era of ultra-wideband RF communication.

RfStream's silicon tuners are capable of tuning terrestrial broadcast analog and digital TV signals around the world. Our unique tuning architecture and circuit design expertise have resulted in an ultra-compact, extremely power efficient tuner design. Through our state-of-the-art product design activities, RfStream continues to build a rich collection of patents and other intellectual property rights.

Company Name

RfStream Corporation


March 10, 2004


Masahiro Hagio


12,975,000 yen


Parks Tower 25F
2-10-70 Nanba-naka,
Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0011

Main Business

Design, manufacture, marketing / sales of integrated circuits, electronic components and systems, and related software.


March 2004 RfStream Corporation established and starts operation in Shin-Yokohama, Japan.
RfStream America, Inc. established in California, USA.
March 2005 Starts selling TA-0500ST, silicon-based terrestrial analog TV tuner.
July 2005 Operational HQ moved from Shin-Yokohama to Tokyo.
January 2006 Introduces TW1000ST, silicon-based terrestrial analog and digital TV tuner.
March 2007 Introduces TDJ1200, silicon-based 3 segment digital radio and 1 segment television tuner.