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About RfStream

Corporate Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a leading provider of state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) and mixed signal silicon products beginning with a series of next generation hybrid analog/digital TV tuners. Through our innovative products and creative solutions, we hope to contribute to the advancement of society and the improvement of everyday life for people around the world.

It also is our practice to work closely with our external strategic partners in all key areas of business such as product development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing, and to share the fruits of success with these partners.

Strategic Goals

Our business goals include:

1. Become a leading provider of compact, low-power, high-performance TV tuners designed for portable mobile applications. We will become the market enabler of “mobile TV”, allowing people to take the TV experience outside their living rooms.

2. Become the producer of choice of hybrid analog/digital TV tuners in all major markets around the world. We envision our tuners to be the main catalyst for a smooth transition from analog to digital television broadcast around the world.

3. Win the title of “de facto” industry standard in TV tuners by leading the market in replacing legacy “can” tuners with silicon tuners. Our future products will take full advantage of the performance and cost benefits of the silicon process, allowing us to offer top performance tuners at highly competitive prices.

4. Lead the market in providing wireless solutions for the new applications that fill the vacant spectrum after analog TV broadcast is ended in each market. As a provider of full-band silicon TV tuners capable of receiving both VHF and UHF spectrums, we are well positioned to quickly address the new needs in these frequency ranges.

5. Leverage our wide array of intellectual property rights in this field to continue developing our business as a global leader in wired and/or wireless communication devices.