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TW-1000 Series

To TV Tuner Modules

Product Overview

A complete mobile DTV receiver for Japanese 1-segment mobile DTV and 1/3-segment digital radio broadcast

TW-1001ST is an extremely compact and power-efficient television tuner that is capable of receiving both analog and digital TV broadcast signals. It is designed for worldwide use and is compatible with digital broadcast standards such as ATSC (US) and DVB-T, C (Europe), ISDB-T (Japan), KDMB-T (Korea) as well as analog broadcast standards such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

The unique system architecture employed in RfStream's silicon tuners provides maximum flexibility and versatility. In order to achieve optimal reception even under disperate broadcast systems and conditions around the world, TW-1000's gain control and filter characteristics can be adjusted by software commands. The user may also select either direct IF or low IF output to meet their system design requirements.

Product Info : TW-1001ST

TW-1000ST is the first of a series of sister products planned within the TW-1000 family. The TW-1000ST is a hybrid analog/digital RF tuner measuring a compact 16.0 mm x 16.0 mm x 2.2 mm, one of the smallest in its class.Its power consumption also is one of the industry's lowest at 210mW for direct IF output during either digital or analog TV reception. Future variations to this basic model include a model with a built in LNA, and another model with a built in OFDM demodulator.

Target applications for TW-1000 series tuners include flat panel TV, notebook PC, mobile phone, car navigation systems, portable DVD player and other display oriented consumer electronics products.

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