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TW-1000 Series

To TV Tuner Modules


Compact Size 16.0mm x 16.0mm x 2.05mm
Power Efficient Total current consumption at 3.3Volts,
* Operating Mode (Band-Ⅰ): 95mA (Typ.)
* Operating Mode (Band-Ⅱ): 107mA (Typ.)
* Power-down mode: 500 μA (Max.)
Digitally Controlled Fine Adj. Includes 6bit Digital Fine tuning for CH Code (15.625KHz Step)
Digitally Controlled AGC Includes 9bit DAC for AGC Control (IIC Bus Adjustment)
3bit ADC Includes 3bit ADC for AGC Voltage Monitor
Factory-Set-Free Includes Auto Tuning Function
Input Range 48 MHz to 890 MHz (Band-I: 48 - 285MHz, Band-II: 285 - 890MHz)
Total AGC Range 70 dB @AGC voltage: 1.0 to 2.8V
IF Frequency (Analog) Fp =45.75 / 38.9 MHz multi system (IIC selectable)
IF Frequency (Digital) Fc = 44.0 / 36.125 MHz (IIC selectable & Adjustable)
Input Impedance / VSWR 75 ohm unbalanced / 4.0 Max.
IF Output Impedance 75 ohm balanced
Noise Figure 6.0 dB (Typ.) at full gain
Power Gain 40 dB Typ. @IF Output
Image Rejection 70 dB Typ. (Band-I), 60dB Typ. (Band-II)
Phase Noise @1st IF Output -90dBc/Hz @1KHz (Band-I), -80dBc/Hz @1KHz (Band-II)
Operating Voltage Range 3.3+/- 0.15 Volts
Operating Temperature Range -20 deg C to +80 deg C

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